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Copper Canyon ScarfColor.   Texture.   Design.

Marianne Senechal is the principal designer for the duBois deRoche label.  Marianne creates wraps, scarves, vests, and other wearable items for women who desire unique and elegant wearable designs.

Most of the textiles are made using hand felting techniques.  At duBois deRoche, the focus is on creating nuno felt, a lightweight drapable fabric made of gossamer layers of merino wool laid onto silks, cottons, or other natural fibers.

Nuno felt is a wonderful textile that offers expansive opportunities for Marianne to explore texture, color and clothing design.  Marianne's inspirations come from a desire to create beautiful, comfortable, unique wearables.  The colors she uses and the textures she creates arise from her love of the natural world and the beauty she sees in nature, from small scale structures to wide vistas.


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