Dubois DeRoche Unique Hand-Felted Clothing - About Marianne


Marianne Senechal DuBois-
Influences from the natural world.



""My first inspiration came from my mother, an artist and teacher, who encouraged my interest in nature and the exploration of fiber arts.  In college I pursued studies of rocks and landforms and subsequently began my career as a geologist.  While I have found this field rewarding, I’ve never lost my early enthusiasm for the fiber arts.

""Geological training has helped me to develop the precision necessary for being a good scientist. I’ve also taken numerous textile classes where I learned new techniques and enhanced my ability to produce quality felt.  This training has freed me to experiment with the medium and to produce sound fabrics of novel design.  

My designs reflect my passion for the natural world.  Whether representing closely observed surfaces or wide-open vistas, I use fiber to create designs that suggest the balance and harmony that I see in the world.  Texture, shape, and color are revealed at different scales in nature.  My designs draw from patterns seen at these different scales.  Because of the beauty seen through my geologic pursuits, fabrics might resemble minute textures found crystalline rock, flow structures in river sandbars, the color and sweep of mountain landscapes, or arabesques of diatoms flowing in vast ocean currents.

""Using silk and cotton as a foundation, I create fabrics with a specific drape, hand, texture, and color palette to compliment my garment designs.  Fine layers of English, Australian, New Zealand or U.S. wools are incorporated into each textile.  Luxurious fibers such as cashmere, alpaca and qiviut are often used as well.

My experience as a scientist and my love of nature provide an inexhaustible source of images that can be transformed into felt designs.



Marianne Senechal DuBois
Bath, Maine USA